Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tate Publishing Books Available Through New iPhone Application

Tate Publishing will create an iPhone application so that users can connect with Tate Publishing authors and buy their books directly from the Tate Publishing bookstore. The new Tate Publishing application can be used on computers and iPhones and will allow the user to connect directly to the author to learn their motivation behind the creation of their favorite books. In addition, these applications will link the users to the Tate Publishing online store to purchase the electronic versions.

Tate Publishing is the first book publisher to offer connectivity through an iPhone application. Company President and CEO, Ryan Tate, commented on the impending service, “We offer more opportunities, services and distribution than any other publisher. While most would be content with this position, we never are. We want to always press to deliver more for our authors and the publishing industry and continue to distance ourselves from everyone else.”

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